Steer Around Curves Confidently While Operating a Ford Escape

The Ford Escape has two systems that provide advantages around steep curves. They work together on the road to improve precision and handling.

Many technologies by Ford sense risky conditions on a highway. One of Ford's most useful systems for cornering that senses changes is called Curve Control. It activates when the Escape speeds around curves too quickly. To prevent a collision, Curve Control will automatically decrease the throttle, and it may also apply the brakes. Curve Control is highly beneficial because it reduces the effects of G-force, which is energy that produces a lot of traction under the outside tires during cornering situations. The second Ford feature for cornering is called Torque Vectoring Control. This system improves traction by distributing power to certain wheels that need more grip.

Both technologies make cornering easier, and you can test them at Woody Ford. We let consumers test performance features during short cruises in Ford vehicles near our business in Madill, OK.

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