The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Vehicle Provides Robust Protective Technologies

The 2019 Ford Transit Connect is a popular mid-size cargo and business van. The Transit Connect provides drivers and business owners with robust vehicle safety systems such as driver assistance technologies and pre-collision warnings.

Even the most experienced drivers can become distracted, and the 2019 Ford Transit Connect allows for this eventuality with the pre-collision assist protective system. The Transit pre-collision assist system uses special sensors to constantly scan roadways in front of the vehicle. If an object enters the roadway and an impact is imminent, the pre-collision system sends out special audible and visual alarms that can alert drivers to potential dangers. The brakes can also prepare themselves to fire more quickly than normal and are even capable of slowing the vehicle on their own if no driver intervention occurs.

In addition to the pre-collision warning system, 2019 Ford Transit Connect drivers and owners can also benefit from a number of other driver assistance technologies. Some technologies on this list include cross-traffic sensors that can broadcast warnings, blind-spot sensor coverage, and stability control devices.

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