Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

Have you seen the latest Ford Mustang GT? Drivers are talking about how easy it is to customize the performance options so that you always have the right driving options. This includes settings for three different engines, two transmissions, and five other settings. You can now select drag strip mode when you're ready for high-speed performance. However, there is another feature that Ford specifically put in for drivers after hearing their feedback from the previous model.

Ford wanted to make it more convenient to drive the Mustang GT at any time of day. However, drivers were having an issue with the sound level of their exhaust in early morning hours. Neighbors were complaining about the sound, too! Ford included the Active Valve Performance Exhaust system to help drivers select what they want their exhaust to sound like. You can now choose whisper quiet mode to keep your engine to 72 decibels in the morning, or you can choose track mode to increase the sound level.

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