Ford Taurus Boasts Elegant and High-Tech Design Elements

There's no doubt that the Ford Taurus is designed to impress. Both inside and out, the clean lines and aerodynamic shapes make this sedan stand out from the rest.

The car's wide stance and sophisticated body are complimented by the distinctive headlights. The HID headlamps put off a high-intensity light to ensure you're catching people's attention on the road. Headlamps have the ability to turn on and off based on lighting conditions. They'll also automatically turn on when the windshield wipers are activated. Also, in the front of the car, the unique grille design of black mesh surrounded by chrome accents stands out from the crowd.

At the back of the car, the LET taillights look sharp and light up faster than comparable models. They're also much brighter to ensure safety on the road.

The Ford Taurus' beauty must be seen in person. Be sure to visit Woody Ford in Madill, OK today to test drive the Ford Taurus.

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