The All-New Ford Taurus has Unique Design Features

Why is the Ford Taurus considered to be a popular full-size sedan? Take a look at these safety features, and you'll discover what the buzz is all about.

The new Taurus has the HID Headlamp system, and they are more than just a visually appealing feature. These lights are brighter than most lights, so other drivers can see your vehicle faster. The lights will also turn on automatically if it is raining and you turn on the windshield wipers, or you're driving in low-light settings.

The new Taurus comes standard with the LED Taillamps, and they are unique too. These taillights burn brighter and turn on faster so other drivers will be able to react to you. These lights also consume less energy compared to conventional incandescent bulbs.

If you want to see these features close up, come to Woody Ford and take the new Taurus for a test drive today.



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