The All-New Ford Fusion Hybrid Powerful Design Features

The reason the Ford Fusion Hybrid continues to be a hybrid sedan motorists are excited about is due in part to these features.

The one feature in the Ford Fusion Hybrid that will keep you safe on the highway is the Adaptive Cruise Control. Even after the desired speed has been set, the system is scanning ahead to see if a vehicle is going too slow. If yes, the brakes are systematically applied to get the distance between cars safer, and then speed resumes once clear.

The new Ford Fusion Hybrid also comes with the Pre-Collision Assist feature. When something has moved in front of your vehicle and you hitting the brakes just isn't enough, the system uses additional power to bring the car to a stop sooner to avoid any type of collision.

Take the Ford Fusion Hybrid for a test drive when you come to see us at Woody Ford.

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